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The giant of South America, Brazil is a far-reaching country with many diverse landscapes and subcultures. It is the fifth largest country in the world, both in size and population but unlike the rest of South America, Brazilians speak Portuguese. Brazil is notable for many of its cultural traditions, especially soccer, music, and the celebration of Carnaval, but it is also becoming an increasingly important player in the global economy, especially when it comes to development and the environment. A member of the BRIC countries, which include Russia, India, and China, Brazil has the world’s largest sustainable biofuels economy. Brazil is a special place with friendly people where students are able to learn a lot and tailor their experiences to their unique needs and interests.

Brazil has a network of excellent universities, many of which are very competitive. There are also specific colleges for various fields of study. Regardless of where you are, people in Brazil are friendly, happy, and eager to interact with visitors from other countries. Take advantage by exchanging ideas and making new friends.

Brazil is growing in size and GDP and, as a BRIC country, it provides a unique opportunity to study the impacts of development and the roll that Brazil will fill within the global economy in the coming years. If you are a football fan, there are few places on earth where the tradition, fervor, and nationalism are stronger than Brazil. Opportunities to play are also around every corner.


1.University of Brasila                                                      

2.Universidade Estadual de Campinas                       

3.Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais                    

4.Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina                 

5.Universidade Estadual Paulista                                  


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