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Specialized Program

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Each student has a unique requirement and study abroad programs can offer options for each of those requirements.


Management in all business and organizational activities is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively. Management comprises planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization (a group of one or more people or entities) or effort for the purpose of accomplishing a goal. Resourcing encompasses the deployment and manipulation of human resources, financial resources, technological resources, and natural resources.

Since organizations can be viewed as systems, management can also be defined as human action, including design, to facilitate the production of useful outcomes from a system. This view opens the opportunity to 'manage' oneself, a prerequisite to attempting to manage others.

• International Business Management

• Retail management

• Business Administration

• Marketing and Communication Management

• Hotel Management

• Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management



Engineering is the discipline, art, and profession, that applies scientific theory to design, develop, and analyze technological solutions. In the contemporary era, engineering is generally considered to consist of the major basic branches of chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. There are numerous other engineering sub disciplines and interdisciplinary subjects that are derived from concentrations, combinations, or extensions of the major engineering branches.

• Civil Engineering

• Information Technology Engineering

• Electronics and Communication Engineering

• Mechanical Engineering

• Automobile Engineering

• Textile Engineering

• Electrical Engineering

• Aeronautical Engineering


Hospitality, Aviation & Tourism

Hospitality, Tourism & Aviation are industries in world that share a symbiotic relationship. And both are on a high these days. Tourism is currently one of the most profitable industries & has created more than 20 billion jobs all over the world. There are undergraduate & postgraduate course in both hospitality & tourism being provided in various institutes across the world. These courses are offered as per the strict guidelines of Ministry of Tourism.

• Hotel Management

• Event Management

• Tourism Management

• Aviation

• Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

• Aeronautical Engineering


Banking & Finance

Finance Career and Banking as a Career has a great scope in India. There are many career options in Commerce, Banking and Finance as a career in India. Welcome to the Careers in Commerce, Banking and Finance as a career and career as a banker, finance manager, accountant, portfolio manager, cfa, analyst, actuarian, underwriter, investment banker, insurance advisor, financial planner in India section. In this section you will find career options as banker, finance manager, accountant, portfolio manager, cfa, analyst, actuarian, underwriter, investment banker, insurance advisor, financial planner

• Accounting

• Banking

• Finance

• CA

• Insurance

• Security & Trading




Media and Mass Communication

Media means various forms of communication like radio, television and newspaper. It could also be used for press or news reporting agencies. Media and Journalism have gained special importance in today's world with the electronic media being most popular. Media spreads across various streams like production, editing, creative, advertising, broadcast, digital etc. The technical aspect aside, being an anchor, model, act, direct etc are also parts of media industry.

Careers in mass communication/ journalism are too becoming challenging by the day. As they play a major role in the development of nation, they need to be on their toes forever to inform and interpret, educate and enlighten the citizens.

• Online communication

• Electronic media

• Journalism

• Mass communication

• Event Management

• Media influence

• Creative industries

• Political economy

• Cultural studies

• Media production (Television production, Filmmaking)

• Media psychology

• Photography



Design; be it of products of necessity, technology, beauty or any other accessories is rapidly going through a phase of change and innovation due to the increasing consumer demand of preferred utility and comfort. Opportunities in design profession galore for students as there are hundreds of sectors which need highly skilled and innovative professionals. Engineering, manufacturing, automobiles, fashion, entertainment, advertising, interior designing, food, IT, architecture are some of the sectors where designers are in great demand. The career in design holds immense scope and potential for skilled and talented individuals with innovative ideas.

• Fashion & Textile Design

• Interior

• Jewellery & Accessory Design

• Industrial, Automotive, Product Design

• Interaction Design


Animation, VFX, Gaming & Comics

Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images to create an illusion of movement. The most common method of presenting animation is as a motion picture or video program, although there are other methods. This type of presentation is usually accomplished with a camera and a projector or a computer viewing screen which can rapidly cycle through images in a sequence. Animation can be made with either hand rendered art, computer generated imagery, or three-dimensional objects, e.g. puppets or clay figures, or a combination of techniques. The position of each object in any particular image relates to the position of that object in the previous and following images so that the objects each appear to fluidly move independently of one another.

• Animation

• Multimedia


• Graphic Designing

• Web Designing

• Game Design and Development

• Mobile App/ Game Design

• Comic Design


Retail Management

Global Retail Recruitment supports retail brands across the world with candidates from many different regions including Asia, Europe, Middle East and the USA. We represent clients and protect their brand with ethical and communicative processes, exceptional effort and consideration of the impact we have on people’s lives. Vacancies are supported in the disciplines of operations, human resources, loss prevention, brand marketing, E-commerce, CRM, buying, merchandising, distribution, supply, logistics, business development etc Over 30 years combined retail recruitment experience working with many of the biggest names in retail. Prior Retail Management experience in the UK market with in food, fashion, and food service and electrical. We work with candidates from all continents matching capability and cultural requirements to ensure employers have a long-term acquisition, leading to a placement that supports in the delivery of key performance indicators. Success in Retail has driven further business in Foodservice, FMCG, Theme Park / FEC, Hospitality and Science & Innovation.

• Front Office Management

• Inventory Management

• Shop Floor management

• Store Management

• Supply Chain Management

• Merchandising Management


Medical Science

The field of medical studies has witnessed widespread development over the years. The medical profession is constantly refurbished by new ideas and new technologies. Today the focus of medicine is a specialization and even super - serializations within specialist areas. Thus climbing the ladder of success is more complicated and arduous then even before. But the positive aspect is that the opportunities for medical aspirants have multiplied. The diagnosis and treatments that was earlier handled singly by the general practitioner is today divided amongst posses of specialists and with better results. Thus, specialization is inevitable for the medical students who seek to carve a niche for himself in this profession.

• General Medicine

• Anaesthesiologists

• Obstetrics – Gynecology

• General Surgery

• Paediatrics

• Neurology

• Dermatology

• Ophthalmology

• ENT / Ear Nose Throat Specialist

• Psychiatry

• Pathology


Arts, Law, Languages and Teaching

• Arts & Humanities

• Law

• Languages Learning

• Call Centre Training/BPO Training

• Social Sciences

• Government Sector

• Teaching

• Creative/Commercial/Performing arts



The Ph.D. is the highest degree awarded to a scholar after he or she has specialized in a subject. The degree is awarded after a certain amount of original research in that subject is documented by producing a dissertation or thesis, often of sizeable length. The degree is often a prerequisite for permanent employment as a university lecturer or as a researcher in some sciences, though this varies. In some fields, such as engineering, a doctoral degree may be considered desirable but not essential for employment.

According to Eurostat, in 2004 (the most recent statistics available), only 0.6% of United Kingdom (U.K.) students travelled abroad for a Ph.D. The numbers are higher--around 2%--in France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany. They reach 8% in countries outside Europe's economic centre, like Bulgaria, Ireland, Malta, and Slovakia. Irena Jennings, who works for the internationalisation task force of the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS), speculates that U.K. graduates tend to stay at home because of language limitations, whereas foreign graduates are keen to study in the United Kingdom to improve their English-language skills.

• Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning

• Biological and Biomedical Sciences

• Biology, Molecular and Cellular

• Comparative Literature

• Economics

• English

• Health Policy

• Linguistics

• Philosophy

• Psychology

• Public Policy

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